THE 2002 World Cup was witness khổng lồ South Korea’s giant-killing run khổng lồ the semi-finals — but was it the fairytale it appeared khổng lồ be? Two games in particular had corruption written all over them.

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SOUTH Korea’s remarkable run to lớn the semi-finals of the World Cup they hosted was the fairytale story of the 2002 tournament.

Or was it?

Suspicious refereeing in their knockout wins over heavyweights Italy & Spain led to lớn rumours swirling of nefarious activity.

The controversial run — & the international headlines it created — is our lathử nghiệm greatest moment from the World Cup’s 88 year history.


South Korean coach Guus Hiddink (c) hugging players (l-r) Ahn Jung hwan and Seol Ki hyeon after beating Italy.

What was the ‘moment’: South Korea’s charmed run in 2002 had corruption written all over it during the knockout stages

Which World Cup was it? South Korea-Japan, 2002

Countries involved: South Korea, Italy and Spain

Former Socceroos 2006 FIFA World Cup boss Guus Hiddink was labelled a genius after the South Koreans knocked Italy và Spain out of their home tournament.

It happened in extremely dubious circumstances but did the nation get some help from FIFA?

The debate still rages on.

In 2015 leading Italian newspaper Corriere dello Thể Thao claimed the referee who was in control over Spain’s defeat to lớn South Korea was designated by FIFA official Jaông chồng Warner.


The headlines of some Italian newspapers read, from top-left clockwise, "Shame", "Thieves", "World Cup, goodbye with rage", "Referee scandal", "World Cup scandal".

The newspaper said Warner, who was vice-president of FIFA & president of CONCACAF until his suspension and eventual resignation in 2011, assigned referees to a number of matches at the tournament.

It included Spain’s controversial penalty loss khổng lồ South Korea in the quarterfinals after they knocked Italy out of the round of 16.

Doubt started sinking in when Italy was knocked out after a spate of very questionable decisions from Ecuadorean referee Byron Moreno swung the game the hosts way.

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Francesco Totti was wrongly sent off for a dive when a penalty should have sầu been awarded.


Referee Byron Moreno (R) of Ecuador gives out a yellow thẻ to lớn Italian forward Francesteo Totti (2nd L) before handing out a red card to lớn dismiss the Italian striker.

Damiano Tommasi’s goal was disallowed for off-side when it wasn’t và Kyên Tae-young elbowing Alessandro del Piero without punishment eventually saw South Korea win the game with the golden goal in extra time.

Moreno was then investigated by FIFA and suspended by his own federation for trăng tròn matches for “time keeping errors.”

He then did time in jail for smuggling six kilograms of heroin in 2010 at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Thủ đô New York City.


Spanish coach Jose Antonio Camamang đến (c) protesting a decision with official Saad Mane (r) as Luis Enrique holds hyên baông chồng.

Worse was lớn thethaodulich.come when Spain faced South Korea in the last eight of the tournament.

Egyptian referee Gamal Al-Ghandour was in the spotlight this time.

He disallowed two perfectly good goals during the course of the match from Spain before South Korea claimed the tie 5-3 in a shootout after a scoreless 1đôi mươi minutes.

For those who believe in karma — Italy claimed the World Cup in 2006 & Spain four years later.


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