Manila: Indonesia and Vietnam giới will square off for the 2019 SEA Games men"s football gold after seeing off their respective sầu semi-final opponents in contrasting fashion on Saturday.

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Indonesia needed extra time to overcome a fighting Myanmar 4-2 while Vietnam strolled to lớn a 4-0 win over surprise semi-finalists Cambodia.

Whoever wins the gold medal in Tuesday"s final will kết thúc a long wait - Indonesia were last champions in 1991 while Vietnam giới - then South Vietnam giới - won the inaugural edition in 1959.

SEA Games 2019

Group A: Cambodia beat Malaysia to make semis, heartbreak for Philippines

December 04 2019

Vietnam giới 4-0 Cambodia

Vietphái mạnh started brightly và Cambodia were forced lớn defover deep as Park hang-seo"s men attacked in numbers.

Cambodia"s defence held firm initially but the attacks kept coming & Vietnam giới took the lead in the 20th minute as Nguyen Tien Linch headed trang chính Ha Duc Chinh"s cross.

It became the Duc Chinch show after that as the forward beat Yue Safy in a duel for the ball và slotted past Cambodia goalkeeper Keo Soksela in the 26th minute.

Duc Chinc all but sealed Vietnam"s place in the final with a header two minutes into first half added time, leaving Cambodia a mountain lớn climb.

The challenge became impossible as Duc Ching completed his hat-trick - his second of the tournament - in the 69th minute as he steered the ball home off a corner kichồng.

Myanmar 2-4 Indonesia

Indonesia were seeking lớn make the final for the first time since 2013 while Myanmar had finished runners-up in the 2015 edition. Both were also aiming to end long waits for the gold medal with Indonesia last winning it in 1991 while Myanmar were last champions in 1973.

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The match started on a cautious note and as the first half progressed, chances were at a premium with Osvalvày Haay"s stoppage time header - which was easily saved by Myanmar goalkeeper Sann Sat Naing - the closest either side came to breaking the deadlochồng.

Indonesia started the second half on a higher note as they pressed Myanmar và their aggression paid off in the 58th minute as Egy Maulana made his way into the box before laying the ball for Evan Dimas to fire home.

A boosted Indonesia continued to set the pace và doubled their lead in the 71st minute as Egy rose high to head trang chính Bagas Adi Nugroho"s free-kiông xã.

Osvalvì had a chance to lớn seal victory for Indonesia in the 75th minute but couldn"t chạy thử Sann with his effort & it was to lớn prove sầu to lớn be a costly miss as Myanmar reduced the deficit in the 79th minute.

Lwin Moe Aung beat his marker before relaying the ball to substitute Aung Kaung Mann, who scored from cthảm bại range.

A minute later, resilient Myanmar were level after Indonesia goalkeeper Nadeo Winata dropped a simple catch, with Win Naing Tun gleefully tucking the ball trang chính to lớn force extra time.

Indonesia, however, recovered well from the blow of squandering their two-goal lead as they dictated play in extra-time, with Osvalvày atoning for his earlier misses by tapping trang chủ Asnawi"s Bahar"s cross in the 102nd minute.

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Evan then sealed Indonesia"s place in the final as he tucked trang chính Sani Rizki"s pass in the 113th minute.

Photo: Myanmar Football Federation, Football Association of Indonesia, Vietphái mạnh Football Federation

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