You’ve saved up your money và booked your vacay days. You’re ready khổng lồ jet off to Asia — but where khổng lồ start?

Well, we’re here to lớn tell you that Hong Kong & Vietnam giới are your perfect mix of culture, food, và natural (and manmade) beauty. Not lớn mention as a two-country full bộ, they offer the best chance to lớn get all the excitement Asia has to lớn offer.

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With nothing but a luxurious 1.5 hour flight (shorter than most movies!) on Hong Kong Airlines separating the two, you will wonder why you didn’t make this trip sooner. This airline has everything you need khổng lồ make your journey seamless: The seats are comfortable, meal service is diverse và tasty, and in-flight staff are friendly & helpful.

Here are six reasons why Hong Kong và Vietphái nam will give sầu you the ultimate Asian experience.

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The perfect set of classic và modern

On one h&, you’ve got Hong Kong — the city with the most skyscrapers, and most expensive housing, in the world. You will notice an incredible contrast of old vs. new, modern vs. traditional. Treat yourself khổng lồ a cocktail at one of the city’s heart-stopping skybars, experience the wine & dine scene, và siêu thị till you drop in Causeway Bay.

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But visiting this thành phố doesn’t mean you have sầu lớn spover a lot of money. There is a way to lớn bởi vì Hong Kong on the cheap, while still experiencing the authentic HK lifestyle. Eat at a food stvà on Stanley Street, bargain shop at the markets in Mong Kok, and stay in a hostel. You’re guaranteed to lớn experience the magic of this đô thị no matter what your budget is.


Hong Kong skyline. (Kellie Paxian / Daily Hive)

But of course, that’s only half the trip. Vietnam giới is pure, authentic & true, và will give sầu you a taste of the more simple Asian lifestyle. You can stay here for under $đôi mươi CAD a day, accommodation và food included. I got a haircut in Hanoi for $2.80 CAD. I feel fantastic
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