26. Round1X225. Round1X224. Round1X223. Round1X222. Round1X2
BHTS Quang Nam - Can Tho0:0trăng tròn.09.2015
Da Nang - Thanh Hoa0:0trăng tròn.09.2015
Dong Thap - Binc Duong2:4đôi mươi.09.2015
Hai Phong - Song Lam Nghe An2:220.09.2015
Kkhô hanh Hoa - Gia Lai3:1đôi mươi.09.2015
Long An - Hanoi FC1:3đôi mươi.09.2015
Than Quang Ninh - Dong Nai4:120.09.2015
Binc Duong - BHTS Quang Nam1:313.09.2015
Can Tho - Dong Thap1:113.09.2015
Dong Nai - Kkhô giòn Hoa1:013.09.2015
Gia Lai - Long An0:013.09.2015
Hanoi FC - Than Quang Ninh1:013.09.2015
Song Lam Nghe An - Da Nang1:113.09.2015
Tkhô nóng Hoa - Hai Phong0:113.09.2015
Can Tho - Song Lam Nghe An3:001.09.2015
Dong Thap - Da Nang2:401.09.2015
Gia Lai - Hanoi FC3:201.09.2015
Hai Phong - Binch Duong0:001.09.2015
Kkhô cứng Hoa - Than Quang Ninh0:501.09.2015
Long An - Dong Nai4:401.09.2015
Thanh khô Hoa - BHTS Quang Nam3:401.09.2015
BHTS Quang Nam - Hai Phong5:028.08.2015
Binh Duong - Tkhô cứng Hoa5:228.08.2015
Da Nang - Can Tho3:128.08.2015
Dong Nai - Gia Lai1:228.08.2015
Hanoi FC - Khanh hao Hoa3:028.08.2015
Song Lam Nghe An - Dong Thap1:028.08.2015
Than Quang Ninh - Long An3:128.08.2015
Binch Duong - Dong Nai2:123.08.2015
Hai Phong - Hanoi FC1:223.08.2015
Khanh hao Hoa - Da Nang2:123.08.2015
BHTS Quang Nam - Than Quang Ninh2:022.08.2015
Gia Lai - Song Lam Nghe An3:122.08.2015
Long An - Can Tho1:222.08.2015
Tkhô hanh Hoa - Dong Thap1:022.08.2015

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