The highly anticipated rematch between boxing heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko scheduled for October 29 has reportedly been cancelled once again. 

The Manchester Evening News" David Anderson initially reported the news. 

Hennessy Sports provided a statement on Fury pulling out of the fight:

Tyson has, this week, been declared medically unfit to fight. Medical specialists have sầu advised that the condition is too severe to allow hlặng to lớn participate in the rematch and that he will require treatment before going baông xã into lớn the ring. Tyson will now immediately undergo the treatment he needs to make a full recovery.

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We & Tyson wish lớn express our sincerest apologies khổng lồ all those concerned with the sự kiện và all the boxing fans who had been looking forward to lớn the rematch. Tyson is understandably devastated by the development.

An ankle injury made hyên ổn pull out of the original bout, which was supposed khổng lồ happen on July 9.

On Saturday, Klitschko released a statement:


Message lớn my fans.

Fury didn"t show up for a press conference last week. Per Anderson, the champion"s camp has not commented on the reported cancellation yet.

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As Anderson reported, Fury has also been the subject of a UK Anti-Doping investigation after he allegedly failed a drug thử nghiệm.

Fans did not take news of the reported cancellation well. BenchWarmers summed up the tone of most of the reactions in this tweet:

Fury handed Klitschko his first loss since 2003 in November 2015, beating the veteran by unanimous decision khổng lồ take the WBA, WBO, IBO, IBF, the Ring magazine & lineal heavyweight titles. Rumours of a rematch started almost immediately after the final bell, but bringing the two fighters together again has proved lớn be difficult.

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Per the Independent"s Jachồng de Menezes, the outspoken Fury threatened lớn retire in February, explaining he found it hard khổng lồ find the motivation khổng lồ train for another fight.

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The 28-year-old was stripped of his IBF belt shortly after his win over Klitschko, as he refused lớn face mandatory opponent Vyacheslav Glazkov and instead chose khổng lồ focus on a rematch with the former champ. Compatriot Anthony Joshua now holds the IBF belt, setting up a potential bout that could sell big in Britain.

If the rematch is cancelled again, Fury will have sầu gone a full year without fighting, và there"s a good chance he could thua his other belts as well. 

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