If there were any doubts about the efficiency of Carlo Ancelotti"s tactics after the first leg, they were put khổng lồ bed at the Allianz Arena on Tuesday night.

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Madrid won 4-0 in Germany, 5-0 on aggregate, against Pep Guardiola"s Bayern Munich side. 

The current European champions were helpless as Madrid ran riot in Bavaria.

Here are six nuggets we can take from Real Madrid"s Champions League semi-final second-leg triumph.

The rules are very clear.

Xabi Alonso knew coming inlớn this match that if he was booked he would miss the final.

With his team 3-0 up, he made the rash decision lớn foul Bastian Schweinsteiger. The foul was useful in that it broke up Bayern"s attaông chồng, but given the circumstances, Alonso shouldn"t have made it.

Sergio Ramos was, surprisingly, more intelligent & avoided confrontation until he was substituted for Raphael Varane.

Cristiano Ronalvì chưng showed just how driven he is by his celebration of Real Madrid"s third goal.

Played in superbly by Gareth Bale, Ronalvì chưng tucked the ball past Manuel Neuer, & it had barely hit the back of the net before he was bringing out a special celebration.

He used his hands khổng lồ display the number 15, which was how many goals he had scored in this season"s Champions League.

It took hlặng above sầu the previous record of 14, jointly held by Lionel Messay đắm, Ruud van Nistelrooy and Jose Altifini.

Most players would have celebrated wildly, but Ronalvày was fully aware of what he was doing.

However, his second goal, a free-kichồng drilled under the Bayern wall, led to a more manic celebration.

Ribery Does Not Belong on the Same Platform as Ronalbởi & Messi
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Ribery isn't as effective as Ronalvị or Mesham.Kerstin Joensson

There was not much doubt before this game that Franông chồng Ribery, while an excellent player, was not on the same màn chơi as Lionel Messay mê and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Being the best player in the best team doesn"t make you the best player in the world.

And now he"s not even in the best team.

Ronalvị & Mestê mê have sầu been smashing records season after season; Ribery is arguably not even much better than team-mate Arjen Robben.

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Even though he spent 90 of the 180 minutes playing injured, Ronalvì chưng was far more effective sầu than the Frenchman. 

Bayern Munich Are Bad at Defending Set Pieces
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Ramos scored twice from phối pieces.Matthias Schrader

There are some things that Real Madrid are very good at.

Cristiano Ronalvày, Gareth Bale và Karlặng Benzema make a formidable front three. Supporting them are the hugely talented trio of Angel Di Maria, Luka Modric & Xabi Alonso.

Those six players offer a huge goal threat.

Which makes it all the more embarrassing for Bayern that Real broke the deadloông chồng with a Sergio Ramos header from a phối piece.

And doubly so, when Ramos repeated the trick just a couple of minutes later.

The defending for the first goal was poor, but Ramos deserves a lot of credit for his bullet header.

But having seen what happened, Bayern deserve sầu all the criticism coming their way when they let it occur again mere minutes later.

Real Madrid Are Obsessed with La Decima
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Madrid are closing in on La Decima.Matthias Schrader

Don"t say it isn"t so.

As soon as the match ended, Real Madrid players were wearing T-shirts that read "a por la decima," which means "we"re going for the 10th."

It has been 12 years since they won their last Champions League title, their ninth.

The time in between has been painful, and now they are as cthảm bại as they"ve sầu ever been khổng lồ winning their 10th title.

Ask any Madrid fan whether he"d rather usurp rivals Atletiteo in La Liga or win the Champions League, và he"ll choose the latter option.

Expect a Defensive sầu Masterclass in the Final
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Pepe (right) & Ramos (left) have sầu been outstanding.Matthias Schrader

Whichever of Chelsea or Atletiteo Madrid qualify, we will be watching two of the three best pairs of central defenders in the final.

Pepe and Sergio Ramos were excellent against Bayern Munich và have sầu been for several months.

Only Atletiteo Madrid"s pair of Mirandomain authority & Diego Godin have sầu been better in La Liga.

And Chelsea"s John Terry và Gary Cahill have sầu also been superb this season.

Madrid, Chelsea và Atletiteo are all willing & able to lớn play in a defensive sầu fashion và counterattachồng.

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But the onus will be on Los Blancos lớn go forward in the final, so Terry and Cahill or Mirandomain authority và Godin will be busier than Pepe và Ramos in Lisbon, Portugal.

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