Although it still has a ways khổng lồ go khổng lồ catch up khổng lồ its competitor Fortnite in terms of revenue, PUBG thiết bị di động is making itself out to be a real contender for the mobile gaming crown. It was the most downloaded game in the first half of 2018 & thanks lớn Tencent Gaming Buddy, the official PUBG Mobile emulator, players can continue the battle on PC.

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This might seem confusing, since PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại is essentially a Smartphone version of the original PC game in the first place. However, there are a number of differences between PUBG and PUBG di động that make the two games quality.

The most obvious difference is price. PUBG di động is không tính tiền, removing the greakiểm tra barrier of entry for most players around the world. With Tencent Gaming Buddy you can get the best of both worlds.

If you’re one of the 350 million PUBG điện thoại players around the world và happen to be looking for the best PUBG điện thoại emulator out there, look no further. Tencent Gaming Buddy is the best way to lớn play PUBG Mobile on PC.


What is Tencent Gaming buddy?

Tencent Gaming Buddy (also known as Tencent Gaming Assistant or Gameloop) is an Android emulator developed by Tencent. It’s designed khổng lồ play some of the most popular Mobile games around, including PUBG Smartphone, thiết bị di động Legends, Auto Chess, and more.

It also has native sầu integration with Nimo TV, which is a game streaming platsize created as a partnership between Tencent & Huya. Huya is one of the largest đoạn phim game streaming platforms in China, behind Douya, which is also partially owned by Tencent.

How to lớn install Tencent Gaming Buddy

Unlike a lot of PC Android emulators, Tencent Gaming Buddy is first và foremost designed to emulate PUBG Mobile. This means that not only is it optimized for the game, it’s super easy to install.


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All you need khổng lồ do is visit the official Tencent Gaming Buddy website and tải về the client. After installing the Tencent Gaming Buddy application, it will automatically begin to lớn download the files you need to play PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại on your PC.

That’s it. No tài khoản creation, no VPN, just download và play. Easy.

You can install other games lượt thích Aulớn Chess or AFK Aremãng cầu in the games tab. To take advantage of the friends feature, however, you will need to create an account.

Another great thing about Tencent Gaming Buddy is that it’s easy to keep your PUBG điện thoại version up lớn date. After patch 0.6.0 hit, it took less than a day for the emulator to lớn be updated as well. Once available, all you need khổng lồ bởi vì is launch the tiện ích and it will prompt you to update.

Control customization options


Just like other sản phẩm điện thoại emulators, Tencent Gaming Buddy lets you customize the control overlay for PUBG điện thoại. These controls are also context sensitive sầu, so when you are driving or open your inventory the control scheme shifts to adapt.

There are a few other options as well, lượt thích holding or tapping your hotkey to toggle ADS. There’s even the ability to phối up a boss key (to lớn quickly hide the window) for those who like to live sầu on the edge.

For those moments when you need to lớn tap on a particular part of the screen, you can lochồng or unlochồng the mouse at the touch of a button (mặc định is tilde). You can also hide or display the hotkey mini overlay once you are fully accustomed to lớn the controls.


Although the controls work well, there are a few situations where Tencent Gaming Buddy doesn’t hold up khổng lồ the original PC version of PUBG. The first of which is the scroll wheel, which sometimes reacts unpredictably.

The other is sensitivity, which is defaults to lightning tốc độ. It makes sense for a Mobile game, but on PC it’s virtually impossible to ayên. Fortunately the emulator has an additional option to adjust mouse dpi, and the PUBG thiết bị di động phầm mềm itself has robust options to adjust sensitivity.

For those of you who prefer using a controller, Tencent Gaming Buddy has you covered. You can use a gamepad and customize the controls to provide a similar experience lớn PUBG for Xbox.


Despite being released more than a year ago, the PC version of PUBG is still plagued by optimization issues. This prevents players with older computers from playing the game.

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Tencent Gaming Buddy is much more accessible, meaning that you can play PUBG on low-over PCs. The minimum requirements to lớn run the game are much lower than the original PUBG. This makes sense, given that PUBG di động also runs on budget phones. However, with the emulator you won’t have sầu to lớn worry about third degree burns on your palms.

For those with more powerful machines, the resolution can be switched between 720p, 1080p, and 2K. Granted, the frame rate is capped at 30fps (for now), so temper your expectations. Hopefully Tencent will add higher frame rate caps before the over of beta.

There are a few other options, lượt thích adjusting the brightness independently from your monitor và rotating the window khổng lồ portrait mode. For PUBG Smartphone, portrait mode isn’t very useful, but you can imagine uses for other apps that might be added lớn Tencent Gaming Buddy in the future.

Does PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại have Cross platform play?


One of the main drawing points of Fortnite is that it’s completely cross platsize. PC, console, và mobile players can all play together, with obvious limits lớn prsự kiện mouse-and-keyboard players from stomping the competition.

Tencent Gaming Buddy allows a similar kind of cross platkhung play for PUBG mobile. PUBG thiết bị di động already allows cross platform play between Android and iOS, but now PC players can get in on the action, too.

Like Fortnite, PUBG điện thoại separates emulator players from Smartphone players khổng lồ keep matchmaking fair. If an emulator player queues for squads or duos with a Smartphone player, they will be matched with other emulator players. Take that into account before inviting your friends.

Inviting friends is easy, since your friends list is transferred lớn Tencent Gaming Buddy when you connect your account.

How to log into lớn PUBG thiết bị di động on PC


Logging inlớn PUBG điện thoại in Tencent Gaming Buddy is easy. All you need lớn bởi is liên kết your mobile game with a Facebook or Twitter tài khoản, then vị the same on your computer. When you first connect an trương mục, your avatar will change khổng lồ your social profile picture (you can change it baông chồng if you’re overly self-conscious).

If you’re worried about password or trương mục security, you can always create a dummy tài khoản. Be aware that Twitter accounts can be deleted after six months of inactivity, which may affect your PUBG mobile trương mục.

Other than the avatar, logging in has a number of immediate benefits. First of all, your màn chơi và unlocked cosmetics will transfer over. As mentioned above, your friends danh mục & crew will transfer over, as well.

Most importantly, your Royale Pass status và progress will be loaded and saved in Tencent Gaming Buddy after connecting accounts. If you bit the bullet và paid for the Royale Pass after patch 0.6.0, this is a must.

Differences between PUBG điện thoại và Tencent Gaming Buddy


Although they are essentially the same game, PUBG mobile on Tencent Gaming Buddy differs slightly from the true Smartphone experience.

The biggest difference is the playerbase. Since PUBG auto-detects emulator players, you are going to be matched with other mouse-and-keyboard using players. Most of these players are a step above sầu casual, so expect a higher skill gap than in di động matchmaking.

Another unfortunate side effect is the prevalence of hackers. Tencent is doing their best to combat hacking, but there seems lớn be a higher number of hackers in the emulator than the Mobile version. Not that they aren’t plentiful in both versions at higher ranks.

Other than that, it’s mostly the same. You’ll still find screaming children và people speaking different languages, but at least now you have the option khổng lồ mute individual players.


There are also many disconnected players in each game, possibly after needing to lớn abandon ship with Tencent Gaming Buddy’s built-in boss key. This problem lessens as you move up in the ranks.

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The best way lớn play PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại on PC

If you’re looking for a way to play PUBG thiết bị di động on your PC, Tencent Gaming Buddy is the way to go. There are a number of other Android emulators that allow you to lớn play PUBG mobile, but none of them offer the same great PUBG performance as Tencent Gaming Buddy.

Have you tried Tencent Gaming Buddy? Have sầu any tips for those new lớn the app? Let us know in the comments!

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