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90 + 4’ — GOAL ROMA SCORED BY NAINGGOLAN, 4-2, (6-7 aggregate). Nainggolan gets his second of the day when he fires a penalty straight down the middle past Karius.

90 + 3’ — PENALTY TO ROMA. Of course. What else does this game need? A ball over the top is cut baông xã and bounces up to lớn the h& of Klavan, who is called for a hand ball & a penalty awarded. Surely Roma is out of time, though?

90 + 2’ — SUBSTITUTION LIVERPOOL. Clyne on for Alexander-Arnold. The 19-year-old did a job, and for a match like this, did well. I still fear for hyên in the final.

87’ — SUBSTITUTION LIVERPOOL. Solanke on for Firmino. The 20-year-old comes on to lớn run around a bit and presumably eat up a lot of cloông xã.

86’ — GOAL ROMA SCORED BY NAINGGOLAN, 2-3 (7-5 aggregate). A ball played across the top of the box is caught by Nainggolan, who connects gorgeously with his right foot & sends the ball in off the post. What a strike. What a match. Someone find me a cigarette.

Nainggolan makes up for his early mistake, but Roma still need 2 goals khổng lồ force extra time against Liverpool.

— FOX Soccer (
FOXSoccer) May 2, 2018

85’ (4:28 p.m. ET) — Yellow cards handed out lớn Manolas & Robertson for an altercation I totally missed because I was typing this blog up. But uh, apparently things are getting chippy!

83’ — LIVERPOOL SUBSTITUTION. Ragnar Klavan on for Sadio Mane. Klopp shores things up by bringing in the 32-year-old Estonian defender.

82’ — A few friends have brought this up online, but the thought of Trent Alexander-Arnold trying to defend Cristiano Ronalvị in the Champions League final is horrifying lớn think about.

Alexander-Arnold vs Ronalvày is going lớn give sầu me a heart attack in the final.

— Luis Paez-Pumar (
lppny) May 2, 2018

Ronalvì chưng and Marcelo taking turns running at Alexander-Arnold with Asensio off the bench

— Ryan Rosenblatt (
RyanRosenblatt) May 2, 2018

75’ — ROMA SUBSTITUTION. Mirko Antonucci on for El Shaarawy, who put in a great shift và generated plenty of chances. We’ll forgive sầu hyên ổn for that ridiculous dive in the first half.

74’ — Roma looks lượt thích they might bởi vì it at times, but then Firmino and Salah start breaking the other way, & I’m not so sure anymore.

Also everyone looks tired all of a sudden. I get it. I’m exhausted just watching.

I read someone recently, I forget who & I apologize, who wrote that Jurgene Klopp has built a team in Liverpool that thrives in chaos. This tie, both matches, has been chaos. So now here, even as I think maybe this Roma team has the stuff khổng lồ make something happen, well, OK. But this is also what Liverpool wants. And all it takes is two or three Salah touches, and it’s over.

63’ (4:05 p.m. ET) — I’m one more Roma goal away from trying to talk myself inkhổng lồ a comebaông xã here, but let me just say that Jordan Henderson và sweet, simple James Milner have sầu both been great for large portions of this match, covering a ton of ground against a Roma team that’s throwing a lot of bodies forward.

Also, Alexander-Arnold just saved an El Shaarawy shot with his right hand, và the referee (& everyone else, including El Shaarawy I think) totally missed it. LET THE BANTER BEGIN.

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Handball on Liverpool?

— FOX Soccer (
FOXSoccer) May 2, 2018

If we"re not calling this, we might as well abolish the handball rule

— Zilớn (
_Zeets) May 2, 2018

51’ — GOAL ROMA, 2-2 SCORED BY EDIN DZEKO (7-4 aggregate) Two minutes ago I complained that I hadn’t seen a goal in 30 minutes. Thank you for the prompt response, this game. I appreciate that cấp độ of service.

As for the goal? A shot from El Shaarawy is saved by Karius, right inkhổng lồ the feet of Dzeko, who fires trang chủ. I’d tell you more, but frankly these goals are all getting blurry. I’ve sầu seen 11 of them now in this tie. Goals have sầu ceased lớn have sầu meaning. Rethành viên when Salah scored those two baông xã at Anfield? That was a lifetime ago. We were so young and foolish then.

Dzeko scores in his 5th straight UCL game to pull Roma within 3 on aggregate!trò chơi on?

— FOX Soccer (
FOXSoccer) May 2, 2018

49’ — A penalty shout, và would have been a decent one, as Dzeko touches past Karius, who catches the striker’s foot & brings him down in the box. All for naught though, as Dzeko is ruled offside.

It’s been nearly 30 minutes và I haven’t seen a goal. What is this?

46’ — Second half underway. No changes for either side, but already Roma is throwing five men forward. I can’t see Mo Salah licking his lips but I’m just going to lớn assume that’s happening right now.

HALFTIME. Chances galore for both sides, but Liverpool goes into lớn the break up 2-1 in the match, with a 7-3 lead aggregate.

44’ (3:30 p.m. ET) — This time El Shaarawy goes down và there actually is some tương tác. It’s Lovren on the edge of the box, and the Liverpool defender is shown a yellow thẻ for the shove sầu.

On the ensuing miễn phí kiông chồng, Pelligrini kicks the ball to the moon.

40’ — Roma penalty appeal when El Shaarawy cuts inside on Alexander-Arnold & goes flying down in the box. It’s waved off, & upon trả lời ... yikes, El Shaarawy. You should be ashamed of yourself.

35’ — Roma off the post! Milner nearly had his second goal of the match for Roma, after an El Shaarawy shot deflected off the Liverpool man & nearly snuông chồng into lớn the far post.

There are more goals coming in this match, believe you me. Roma is still going for it, Liverpool is still committed khổng lồ keeping an attacking three of Salah, Firmino và Mane. And Milner has his eyes set on goal, either one will vì.

26’ — GOAL LIVERPOOL, 2-1, WIJNALDUM (7-3 aggregate). GOALS AND MORE GOALS, I SAY. GIVE ME ALL OF THEM. GIVE ME EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT. This time a corner in from Liverpool isn’t dealt with, Virgil Van Dijk heads it on, & Georginio Wijnaldum, just onside, nods it home page. We’ve seen 10 goals in 1trăng tròn minutes of this tie. I’m a glutton. More.

Liverpool restore their 4-goal lead on aggregate thanks to lớn this header from Wijnaldum!

— FOX Soccer (
FOXSoccer) May 2, 2018

23’ (3:10 p.m. ET) — The cameras keep panning lớn James Milner as if he’s supposed khổng lồ feel shame for scoring that own goal. Dude had a ball rocketed into lớn his face from four yards away. Not sure this is something he’ll chiến bại sleep over, thinking about what he could have sầu done differently. “Ay, if I had only not had a head.”

15’ — GOAL ROMA, solo, OWN GOAL FROM JAMES MILNER (6-3 aggregate). That was weird as shit. Liverpool just tried khổng lồ clear it, và it hit poor, boring James Milner straight in the face, & in it goes. Roma baông chồng ... alive? Milner scores when he wants, I suppose.

Not much Milner could"ve sầu done on this one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

— FOX Soccer (
FOXSoccer) May 2, 2018

9’ — GOAL LIVERPOOL, 1-0, SCORED BY SADIO MANE (6-2 aggregate). And that’s the danger of Roma going for it ... this is what Liverpool does. They handle pressure, they counter, & when you have sầu Firmino, Salah and Mane running at you, there’s no good way to lớn handle it. This time a bad pass from Nainggolan frees up the counter, Mane is the one who finds space on the left wing, và a simple pass in allows him to lớn finish coolly. This is not the start that Roma needed.

Sadio Mané punishes Nainggolan for his bad giveaway và Roma will now need 4 unanswered to advance khổng lồ the final!

— FOX Soccer (
FOXSoccer) May 2, 2018

7’ — Roma has had the most of it so far, và are finding some success working down the left wing, going at 19-year-old Liverpool right bachồng Trent Alexander-Arnold repeatedly. (It’s not a bad strategy, even though I lượt thích Alexander-Arnold a lot. It’s just, you know, he’s 19 & playing away from home page in the Champions League semifinal. I couldn’t handle the pressure of taking a date to lớn the movies when I was 19.)

1’ — AND WE’RE OFF. Both teams come out in a 4-3-3. Roma needs goals & a bunch of them. This has been your instant analysis of the kickoff.

Liverpool travel to Rome on Wednesday lớn take on Roma in the second leg of their Champions League semifinal, all for the right to lớn play Real Madrid in the final.

Liverpool took a commanding 5-2 lead in the first leg of the semifinal, in a wild match that saw Liverpool jump lớn a 5-0 lead off a spectacular performance from Mo Salah ... và then give sầu up two late goals to lớn get Roma bachồng in with hope for a possible run khổng lồ a final.

The Starting Lineups:

The Reds in Rome. #UCL #ROMLIV

— Liverpool FC (
LFC) May 2, 2018

TEAM NEWS | | Here it is, our starting line-up for tonight"s
ChampionsLeague semi-final second leg against

— AS Roma English (
ASRomaEN) May 2, 2018

Here is all the info you need khổng lồ watch the match.

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Match info, plus how khổng lồ watch on TV and stream

Match Date/Time: Wednesday, 2:45 p.m. ET, 8:45 p.m. local

Venue: Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy

TV: Fox Sports 1 (U.S. - English), ESPN Deportes (U.S. - Spanish), Canale 5 (Italy), BT Sport 2 (UK)

Online: WatchESPN, fuboTV (U.S.), Premium Thể Thao Live sầu (Italy), BT Thể Thao Live (UK)

Make friends: Cheông chồng out The Liverpool Offside for more Liverpool coverage, and head over lớn Chiesa di Totti for more on Roma.

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