You can tải về LMHT di động first by registering to download League of Legends Express with the link in this article.

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In Vietphái mạnh, League of Legends sản phẩm điện thoại has been renamed League of Legends: Chien Chien, published by Riot Games Vietnam.

Currently, Android players can sign up to lớn receive the beta. LoL Express will also have sầu versions for iOS & consoles. Here is a guide to lớn downloading LOL Smartphone on your phone.

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Instructions to lớn download League of Legends Mobile

First cliông xã on this liên kết & select Register in advance , and you will receive a notification when the application is released.

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Link khổng lồ download LoL Express Battle


So you have successfully registered khổng lồ tải về League of Legends mobile Pre-Register, when League of Legends: Express Battle released officially on your phone you will receive sầu a notification. Or you can access the links below to subscribe khổng lồ receive sầu email notifications when LoL Express is released.

Some information about League of Legends Express


The first is the gameplay of League of Legends, gamers will still "do business" with the Summoner"s Rift maps with the 5vs5 mode familiar khổng lồ PC League players and will have sầu additional new features to meet the short playing time. in a battle, match playing time on the thiết bị di động platsize.

Champions in PC League will be launched in about 40 generals in sản phẩm điện thoại League, amuốn which there will be familiar names like Master Yi, Yasuo, Braum, Jinx . These generals can be collected in the game. No need khổng lồ top up.

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The official launch time of the League of Legends Speed ​​League is expected in the first quarter of 20đôi mươi & is likely to lớn be around February. The launch information will include the officially supported features, champions và platforms. .

LOL điện thoại tải về LMHT Smartphone download lmht Smartphone download lmht toc chien League of Legends mobile League of Legends
Micah Soto
Update 19 October 2019
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