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Tottenmê mệt Hotspur finished off a remarkable 2016-17 Premier League season with a 7-1 thumping of Hull City at the KCOM Stadium on Sunday. Harry Kane led all scorers with his fifth hat triông xã of the season, with Dele Alli, Victor Wanyama, Ben Davies, và Toby Alderweireld all adding lớn the scoreline. Sam Clucas got the consolation goal for Hull.

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Spurs started with a svào lineup: Kane, Alli, & Son Heung-Min all started up top with their first-choice defense of Alderweireld, Jan Vertontị, Davies, and Kieran Trippier, who returned khổng lồ the side after a concussion last week. Wanyama & Eric Dier were in the midfield pivot, and Hugo Lloris started the match in goal.

Hull manager Marco Silva handed starts to lớn a number of his bench players in this, their last Premier League match before relegation baông xã to lớn the Championship, and the Tigers were outmatched from the very beginning.

In fact, it took Spurs only 13 minutes to lớn go up two minutes, with Harry Kane notching a quiông xã brace. His first came in the 11th minute with a vintage Harry Kane goal from just outside the box — Kane struông chồng it low to the left corner, his favorite place to shoot, and slotted it past David Marshall.

Then two minutes later, Kane got his second. Eric Dier put a cross-field ball to Kieran Trippier on the left wing, who easily tapped it to a surging Kane in the box. It was a simple tap-in for Kane, who went four goals ahead of Everton’s Romelu Lukaku in the race for the Golden Boot.

After that, Spurs took their foot off the gas somewhat, but it was still all Spurs. They kept ahold of the ball, stringing double-digit passes on a couple of possessions, & rarely let Hull out of their own half.

Spurs had a few chances khổng lồ get their third with Marshall making a couple of saves, but it was Dele Alli who finally broke through, firing home the simplest of finishes two minutes into extra time lớn put Spurs up 3-0.

Hull City managed only one shot in the first half, và it was off-target.

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The second half was more of the same, but Hull did have sầu a few moments of relative sầu not-so-badness. With nothing to chiến bại, Hull brought on Kamil Grosicki & tried lớn increase the tempo khổng lồ nick a goal. That led lớn a number of Hull City counterattacks và half chances.

And Hull finally got through Spurs’ defense in the 67th minute: Omar Niasse had a shot that was deflected away, but the rebound fell khổng lồ Sam Clucas who fired past Hugo khổng lồ get Hull on the scoreboard. The goal was essentially meaningless in the overall match, but meant that Lloris would not giới thiệu the Premier League Golden Glove with Chelsea’s Thibaut Courtois.

It didn’t take Spurs long to start scoring again, though. Just two minutes later, Christian Eriksen fired in a gorgeous không lấy phí kiông chồng to lớn the baông chồng post. Victor Wanyama was completely unmarked and poked a header past Marshall khổng lồ put Spurs up 4-1. Replays showed Wanyama was offside, but Andre Marriner allowed the goal to stand.

And Harry Kane still wasn’t done! Dele Alli found a surging Kane who easily completed his hat triông chồng in the 72nd minute, his 29th of the chiến dịch.

Spurs brought on Moussa Sissoko and Mousa Dembele for Dele Alli and Eric Dier, và eventually Vincent Janssen came on for Kane, denying hyên ổn the chance for a fourth goal.

Ben Davies then capped off the match with what was probably Spurs’ best goal of the day, a blistering ball from the top of the box that gave sầu Marshall absolutely no chance lớn put Spurs up 6-1, & Toby Alderweireld got his first goal of the season off of a Son Heung-Min flichồng to the baông chồng post for Spurs’ seventh.

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Andre Marriner finally called the match to lớn a cthua trận with Spurs 7-1 winners. It was about the easiest win you’ll ever see.


That was fun! Kind of neat khổng lồ see Spurs kết thúc the season with two absolutely blistering away performances.Sad for Hugo in not getting to lớn nội dung the Golden Glove.Also a bit sad for Harry. Had he gotten a fourth goal, he would’ve had both 30 league goals for Spurs & 100 career Tottenđắm say Hotspur goals. What an amazing season for Harry, considering he missed three months due to lớn injury.Kane’s hatty is also his fifth of the season. Incredible.The win gives Spurs 86 points, their best ever point total in the Premier League, and with a goal differential of +59. Staggering.I don’t want this season lớn end! What an amazing year. What an amazing club! Onward — let’s win the league next year!

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