All New 2019 Honda Vario 150

All New 2019 Hondomain authority Vario 150 – PT Astra Hondomain authority Motor (AHM) launching a new mã sản phẩm of the All New Hondomain authority Vario 150 and All New Honda Vario 125 with the kiến thiết as well as a wide array of the lachạy thử features that are more sophisticated and sport. This makes the refresh drive daily with both models is more enjoyable.

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The all New Honda Vario 150 present as choice’s lademo exclusive sầu Dodge for bird lovers there ahy vọng young children. Sporti designs embodied in the cover thiết kế slimmer with handlebar panel character sport, rear fender that has a light sein with separate taillights, as well as enriched body toàn thân color monotone. This mã sản phẩm comes increasingly sophisticated through the new features of full digital panel meter with multi information and additional new features like New Honda Smart Key System which is integrated with the Answer Back System and Anti Theft Alarm. The impression of any exclusive sầu comes with LED lights in all lighting system as well as cover muffler and pilion step are coated with aluminium.

All New 2019 Hondomain authority Vario 150

2019 Honda Vario 150 Modifications

2019 Honda Vario 150 Specs

The all New Hondomain authority Vario 150 present as a high performance scooter with 150cc motorbike engine development. With a record time of 11.6 seconds, All New Honda Vario 150 can reach a distance of 0 – 200 metres and can reach a top tốc độ 105 km/h. Features of the Idling Stop System (ISS) has made this Model teririt FUEL consumption resulting in its class of 46.9 km/liter (methods of ECE R40 triệu Euro 3) with exhaust emission results better than the EURO 3 emissions standards. The size of the body with large tires, front and rear 90/80 100/80 give sầu ease. Any alloy wheels now appear with the new design of the sport. Braking system more comfortable with Wavy Brake Discs sized pinned 190 mm and optimized with presence công nghệ Combi Brake System (CBS) helps balance braking the rear wheels and front in more optimal.

Hondomain authority Vario 150 Engine

Honda Smart Technology ever retained on All New Honda Vario 150 of the previous generation, the eSP. technology on a 150cc motorxe đạp engines proving efficient combustion and minimal friction to reduce the risk of wasted as well as being able to produce optimal drive performance. ACG Starters who are integrated in the eSP giải pháp công nghệ able to switch on the machine with a smoother sound when first turned on. This technology became the basis of the deployment features advanced Idling Stop System (ISS) that automatically turn off the machinery when the machine stopped working more than 3 seconds and just need to pull the lever for the gas can turn the machine back on.

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In addition, All New Honda Vario 150 also comes with safety features that other advanced standard tự động hóa IE (Side Stand Switch) which is where the machine cannot be turned on if the standard position in conditions down. Brake Lock System prevents the motor skip when turned on or the motor remains in a State of silent when motorists stopped on the streets uphill. To tư vấn the daily activities, All New Hondomain authority Vario 150 has the largest trunk capathành phố i.e. 18-liter can store the helmet standart.

2019 Honda Vario 150 Accessories

AHM presents a wide selection of accessories with a new thiết kế that can give sầu the look of the All New Honda Vario 150 increasingly trendy and futuristic impression, such as strengthening the Visor which applicated on the Cover of the Front Handle with the highest retail price (HET) 110,000,-, Garnish the top side Headlight headlights with price (HET) Rp 150,000,-, Rubber Step Floor price (HET) Rp 195,000,-, Garnish with Mirror Back price (HET) Rp 63,000,-, Garnish Cover Muffler to the exhaust cover section with prices (HET) 115,000,-, Garnish the Radiator with the price (HET) to Rp 140,000,-as well as Wheel List Stickers costing (HET) Rp 56,000,-.

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Hondomain authority Vario 150 Price

This lathử nghiệm model features 4 color options i.e. Matte Blaông chồng color Exclusive, Exclusive sầu Matte Red, Matte Silver and Exclusive sầu Exclusive sầu White. Dodge premium Honda berkapasiatas engine 150cc motorbike with a variety of features and a superior công nghệ is marketed at a price (on the road of Jakarta), IDR. 22.5 million.

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