Hello & welcome to the Allianz Arena in Munich, where Tottenyêu thích face Real Madrid in the Audi Cup.

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Both sides are continuing their preparations for the upcoming season and come into the game on the baông xã of a loss last time out.

Spurs were beaten 2-1 by Manchester United despite a decent performance in Shangnhị, and will be hoping to get bachồng lớn winning ways against strong opposition.

Real Madrid, meanwhile, had a disastrous last fixture against local rivals Atletico Madrid, losing 7-3 khổng lồ Diego Simeone's side on their pre-season tour of America.

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With the opening weekover of the new Premier League season now less than two weeks away, Spurs will be looking khổng lồ improve sầu their match fitness & kiểm tra our their tactical plans for the chiến dịch ahead.

The winners of today's game will face the winner of Bayern Munich against Fenerbahce tomorrow evening, while the losers will take part in a third-place play-off tomorrow afternoon.

Tottensay đắm pre-season tour

Kiông xã off is at 5.00pm UK time, and willl be available khổng lồ watch on ITV4, with a live sầu stream available on ITV Hub.

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We'll bring you all the build-up, team news and live sầu updates of the game right here, so don't go anywhere.

Key Events


Pochettino press conference

You can follow Mauricio Pochettino’s press conference right here.

Read here

Premier LeagueThe 14 other clubs have sầu rejected the proposals that would see six teams join with a European Super League

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Harry Kane breaks Tottenmê say players" silence after Jose Mourinho is sacked by Daniel Levy


Tottenmê mệt fans will love sầu what Ryan Mason has said about his Spurs vision following Mourinho exit

Premier LeagueThe 14 other clubs have sầu rejected the proposals that would see six teams join with a European Super League

Ryan MasonThe former Tottenham Hotspur striker has been diving into everything that has happened at the club in the past 24 hours with thethaodulich.com

trinitymirrordigital/marwood/TM/img/placeholders/transparent.png" data-srcset="https://i2-prod.thethaodulich.com/incoming/article16551210.ece/ALTERNATES/s180/1_GettyImages-1138193168.jpg 180w, https://i2-prod.thethaodulich.com/incoming/article16551210.ece/ALTERNATES/s220b/1_GettyImages-1138193168.jpg 220w, https://i2-prod.thethaodulich.com/incoming/article16551210.ece/ALTERNATES/s270b/1_GettyImages-1138193168.jpg 270w" data-src="https://i2-prod.thethaodulich.com/incoming/article16551210.ece/ALTERNATES/s615/1_GettyImages-1138193168.jpg" alt="">Tottenham mê fans will love what Ryan Mason has said about his Spurs vision following Mourinho exit
Ryan MasonRyan Mason has been speaking khổng lồ the truyền thông media for the first time since he was confirmed as Tottenđê mê Hotspur interyên ổn head coach
Premier LeagueAll the latest as the 14 clubs not included in the breakaway European Super League discuss how best to lớn react lớn the news và what khổng lồ vị moving forward

Arsenal, Chelsea và Tottenđê mê captains to lớn meet as Jordan Henderson calls emergency ESL meeting
Jordan HendersonLiverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson looks phối to lead the Premier League players" response to lớn the European Super League proposal
Harry KaneRyan Mason has been speaking in his first press conference as Tottenham interyên ổn head coach about Harry Kane"s fitness ahead of Wednesday"s home page game against Southampton

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