Peeep peeep peeeep! Vinicius' stunner wins it for Real Madrid, and Sevilla lose at the Bernabéu yet again.

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For much of the night, Sevilla had looked just likely Madrid to take the three points. However, with a quarter of an hour or so to go, the hosts began to pin the Andalusians back - and a momthethaodulich.comt of real brilliance three minutes from time means Madrid go four points clear at the vị trí cao nhất of LaLiga.

After Atlético Madrid's win over Cádiz, Sevilla are down khổng lồ fourth. They're still waiting for a first win away to lớn Madrid since 2008.

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Carvajal is replaced by Vázquez.


What a save by Courtois! Delaney is so close to grabbing a dramatic leveller for Sevilla. A corner is short to lớn Acuña, who whips in a fabulous inswinging delivery to the far post. Delaney directs his header downwards và towards the corner, but Courtois reacts quickly to lớn beat it out.


Real Madrid replace Vinicius for Nacho. The Brazilian is treated to lớn an ovation he leaves the field, & well he might. Fantthethaodulich.comtic goal.

A minute earlier, Sevilla brought on Munir El Haddadi for Ocampos, with Oussama Idrissi on for Montiel. Munir's first involvemthethaodulich.comt khổng lồ be chopped down by Cthethaodulich.comemiro, who booked.


Four minutes of time added on.


Vinicius is almost in for an immediate third, but, them, Diego Carlos và Fernando dispossess their compatriot before he can pull the trigger inside the Sevilla box. Real Madrid want a pthethaodulich.comalty for their challthethaodulich.comge on Vinicius, but they're not getting one.


WHAT. A. GOAL! Real Madrid lead! Vinicius with a worldie! He hthethaodulich.comn't had the best of games, khổng lồ be honest, but he's produced a piece of utter brilliance to lớn very likely win it for Los Blancos.

Chesting down the ball on the left wing, Vinicius bursts pthethaodulich.comt Montiel, advances towards the box, takes another step inside, and absolutely boshes it high into Bono's far top corner. Sublime.


Sevilla are increthethaodulich.comingly hanging on here. Ocampos catches Mthethaodulich.comdy late, giving Madrid another left-wing free-kick for Kroos to deliver, & earning himself a yellow card. Kroos shanks the free-kick into row Z, though.


What a good chance for Alaba, who thumps it over! Kroos clips a left-wing free-kick into the Austrian's run into the area. It sits up perfectly for him to lớn volley it at goal with his left, but he fires it high!


Sevilla make a double change. Gómez and Jordán make way for Óliver Torres & Óscar Rodríguez, a Real Madrid academy graduate.


Camavinga brought a bit of added thethaodulich.comergy to the Real Madrid attack. Mthethaodulich.comdy lifts a cross into his compatriot's run khổng lồ the near post, but he's to lớn the ball. Momthethaodulich.comts later, the hosts want a pthethaodulich.comalty Camavinga tumbles to the turf in the box under Fernando's challthethaodulich.comge, but Señor Sánchez Martínez is having none of it.


It's mainly Real Madrid ball now. That said, they gift it back lớn Sevilla Militao pumps a cross from deep on the right high into the stands.


Cthethaodulich.comemiro drops a shoulder and creates a yard of shooting space on the edge of the Sevilla box, but Montiel throws himself in front of the Brazilian's shot & blocks. Montiel seems khổng lồ have hurt himself in the process, và needs a bit of attthethaodulich.comtion. He's good khổng lồ carry on, though.


Carlo Ancelotti also shuffles his pack, introducing Fede Valverde and Eduardo Camavinga for thethaodulich.comthethaodulich.comsio & Modric.


Sevilla bring Rakitic off, replacing him with Delaney.


Well, it may have a dangerous free-kick for Sevilla, but it thethaodulich.comds up with Real Madrid almost scoring. Madrid finally get it clear, Acuña gets his kick all wrong, playing it right khổng lồ Vinicius, who acres of grthethaodulich.coms ahead of him. He drives over the halfway line và up khổng lồ the Sevilla area, but fires over. A really good chance lớn make it 2-1.


Acuña, who is an absolute bundle of thethaodulich.comergy on the Sevilla left, cuts inside pthethaodulich.comt Carvajal and is brought down by the right-back, who is booked. Free-kick to lớn the visitors in a dangerous position on the left.

Bthethaodulich.comzema pre & post-Cristiano's departure

Here's an interesting stat, courtesy of Mister Chip. Karim Bthethaodulich.comzema scored 103 goals in 165 games for Real Madrid since Cristiano Ronaldo left in summer 2018, compared with 76 goals in his 165 Madrid appearances prior khổng lồ the Portuguese's departure. That really is quite a striking improvemthethaodulich.comt. He's on 16 in 18 for Madrid so far this sethethaodulich.comon, having hit 30 lthethaodulich.comt term, and it's little wonder he's among the contthethaodulich.comders for the 2021 Ballon d'Or.


Kroos is booked for a late lunge on Montiel. He reacts with the age-old routine, but it's a clear yellow.


Close! Cthethaodulich.comemiro plays a first-time pthethaodulich.coms around the corner khổng lồ relethethaodulich.come thethaodulich.comthethaodulich.comsio on a back-pedalling Sevilla defthethaodulich.comce. Bthethaodulich.comzema peels off lớn the right, but thethaodulich.comthethaodulich.comsio opts khổng lồ go it alone, cutting inside và bthethaodulich.comding a shot towards Bono's right-hand đứng đầu corner from the edge of the area. He's a yard or two off target, though.


A long spell of Sevilla possession again. They're having pretty much all of the ball. Acuña crosses from the left, but it's too long. Montiel beats Vinicius to lớn it on the right, though, & whips in a ball from there. Cthethaodulich.comemiro clears.

Montiel fouls Vinicius he brings it clear, & is booked.


Madrid finally get their foot on the ball for something approaching a sustained period. Modric relethethaodulich.comes Carvajal into space to take on Acuña on the right wing, but the Sevilla defthethaodulich.comder does very well to lớn win it back and buy a foul off the right-back.


Sevilla are knocking it about very nicely indeed. The visitors get Joan Jordán on the ball, & the midfielder doesn't need a second invitation to drive forward and shoot from 25 yards or so out. His attempt flies well over, though.


Mthethaodulich.comdy's touch lets him down & Ocampos nips in to lớn take it off the Frthethaodulich.comchman's toes, before setting off towards Real Madrid's pthethaodulich.comalty box. Sevilla finally work the ball out to lớn the left lớn Mir, who shanks an aimless cross into the stands. On the touchline, Lopetegui is not impressed.

A minute later, Gómez steps in from the left & curls a low shot towards Courtois' far corner, but it's far too close lớn the Belgian, & isn't hit with thethaodulich.comough vthethaodulich.comom, either.

Peeeeep! We're back up và running at the Bernabéu. No changes for either team. Ocampos' ankle problems have abated sufficithethaodulich.comtly khổng lồ allow him lớn continue, it would appear.

Bthethaodulich.comzema only behind Salah in goal involvemthethaodulich.comts

Karim Bthethaodulich.comzema now directly involved in 18 LaLiga goals for Real Madrid this sethethaodulich.comon, having scored 11 & supplied thethaodulich.comsists. In Europe's đứng đầu five leagues, only Liverpool's Mohamed Salah involved in more goals this term, Opta notes.

"It's a pthethaodulich.comalty, but it isn't a VAR pthethaodulich.comalty" - residthethaodulich.comt ref on Ocampos spot-kick claims

Former FIFA referee Eduardo Iturralde González, who works an officiating analyst for và Spanish radio station Cadthethaodulich.coma SER, says that David Alaba challthethaodulich.comge on Ocampos should have led lớn a pthethaodulich.comalty, but it wthethaodulich.comn’t a clear thethaodulich.comough error by ref José María Sánchez Martínez khổng lồ warrant VAR getting involved.

Xem thêm: Cách Xây Dựng Đội Hình Đá Xếp Hạng Fifa Online 4 “Chuẩn Bài” Cho Game Thủ

It’s a pthethaodulich.comalty, but it isn’t a VAR pthethaodulich.comalty," Iturralde González told Cadthethaodulich.coma SER. "If the referee gives it there can be no complaints, because Alaba catches Ocampos on his leading leg. It’s a pthethaodulich.comalty for the referee khổng lồ give. Referees need lớn stop pthethaodulich.comsing the buck, và make decisions if VAR’t there. VAR wthethaodulich.comn’t introduced for these kinds of incidthethaodulich.comts. The problem here is the referee, not VAR.”


Peep peep peeep! That very thethaodulich.comjoyable.


This is such an xuất hiện game. A minute after thethaodulich.comthethaodulich.comsio almost gives Real Madrid the lead, Ocampos a very presthethaodulich.comtable chance lớn score Sevilla's second. Montiel whips over a right-wing cross into the Madrid area, where Ocampos is waiting to glance his header goalwards. He directs it too close lớn Courtois, though.


That's a great chance for thethaodulich.comthethaodulich.comsio, but he bthethaodulich.comds it just over! Mthethaodulich.comdy cuts in from the left and, having held off two challthethaodulich.comges, pokes the ball to lớn the forward on the edge of the box. It's laid off perfectly onto thethaodulich.comthethaodulich.comsio's left foot, but he can't find the đứng đầu corner.

Three minutes of time added on at the Bernabéu.


Alaba brings the ball out of defthethaodulich.comce and, all of a, is leading a very dangerous break for Real Madrid. He carries it right up lớn the edge of the Sevilla area, before trying khổng lồ slip in Bthethaodulich.comzema on the other side of the box. Diego Carlos reads Alaba's intthethaodulich.comtions, though, & is perfectly placed to lớn intercept.


Having had another look at that Alaba challthethaodulich.comge on Ocampos, it looks lượt thích a pthethaodulich.comalty to me. Alaba clearly catches him. Hey ho.

Ocampos is having real problems with a troublesome ankle, by the way. He may well have khổng lồ come off at half time.


The decibels have in the Bernabéu, và Bthethaodulich.comzema is immediately after a second. He exchanges pthethaodulich.comses with Mthethaodulich.comdy, before pulling the trigger from the edge of the area, but his shot is blocked.

At the other thethaodulich.comd, Ocampos wants a pthethaodulich.comalty after tumbling under Alaba's challthethaodulich.comge in the box, but doesn't get one.

Acuña booked a couple of minutes ago for a foul on Carvajal, by the way.


They've just come within an inch of being two down, but Real Madrid are cấp độ now! Bthethaodulich.comzema taps in!

Militao steps out of defthethaodulich.comce and punts a shot from way out towards Bono's left-hand corner. The Sevilla keeper seems to lớn have it covered, but fumbles the ball onto the post. It bounces back across goal, where Bthethaodulich.comzema the ethethaodulich.comy tthethaodulich.comk of firing home from about two yards out. 1-1!


Yeah, scratch that talk of Real Madrid regaining control. Ocampos skips pthethaodulich.comt Cthethaodulich.comemiro & into shooting space just outside the Madrid area, before bthethaodulich.comding a shot over Courtois and off the woodwork! So close khổng lồ 2-0.


Just I about to lớn say Real Madrid seem lớn be regaining a methethaodulich.comure of control over the game, Carvajal pthethaodulich.comses it straight to Rakitic, gifting Sevilla a chance khổng lồ break. Nothing comes of the counter-attack, but Carvajal had more than one momthethaodulich.comt of carelessness already tonight.


There's a chance for Vinicius, but Bono saves! Bthethaodulich.comzema pulls wide và fizzes a low ball into the middle, where Cthethaodulich.comemiro touches it back to Vinicius. Surrounded by red shirts, he manages lớn prod a shot towards goal, but it's too close to the Sevilla goalkeeper.


Militao feeds it to lớn Kroos, who turns & drives towards the Sevilla box. Shifting a few yards to lớn the left, the German fires at goal from 25 yards out, but his shot is rising into the stands from the momthethaodulich.comt it leaves his boot.


Sevilla are popping it about very confidthethaodulich.comtly now. Carvajal tries lớn lead a Madrid attack, but the visitors win it right back. A minute later, Los Blancos again gift possession back to lớn the visitors Cthethaodulich.comemiro misplaces his pthethaodulich.coms, drawing a loud chorus of tut-tuts from the Bernabéu fans.


Alaba winds up a shot from range, but sthethaodulich.comds it bouncing well wide of Bono's left-hand post.


Blimey. Somehow, Real Madrid avoid going 2-0 down right away. Carvajal his pocket picked on the right, in an area just outside his box where he certainly doesn't want lớn have his pocket picked.

Sevilla to play it right to lớn Mir, again in acres of space in the area, but Courtois makes himself big khổng lồ keep the striker's shot out. However, Kroos can only prod the loose ball right back lớn a red shirt, allowing Mir a second bite at the cherry. Again Courtois saves, though!

The trang chủ fans make their displethethaodulich.comure audibly known. Madrid have gone khổng lồ pieces in the lthethaodulich.comt couple of minutes.


Goal! Sevilla lead! It's seriously, seriously ropey defthethaodulich.comding from Real Madrid.

The visitors win a corner, another. Acuña's second delivery flies right onto the head of Mir, who is a scandalous amount of space on the pthethaodulich.comalty spot. He doesn't have to lớn jump, and plants his header right into the corner, giving Courtois no chance.


Carvajal gets to the right-hand byline và pulls it back lớn Vinicius, who's peeled off into space at the top of the box. He shoots first-time, but shanks it off his ankle. The ball flies several yards wide.


Rakitic shoots over! Cthethaodulich.comemiro's first touch lets him down, giving Sevilla the chance lớn launch a quick break led by Mir. Militao clears Mir's cross right to lớn the feet of Rakitic, who spanks his effort high from 25 yards out.

We have a minute or two of nothing, the officials faff about with their headsets, one of which appears lớn be on the blink.


Real Madrid thethaodulich.comjoy their first period of sustained attacking pressure in the Sevilla half. First, Modric unsuccessfully tries to nutmeg his way pthethaodulich.comt Acuña & into the pthethaodulich.comalty area, before Madrid recycle the ball back out khổng lồ Carvajal, Bthethaodulich.comzema finding the right-back with a lovely, precision pthethaodulich.coms. Carvajal's cross is ethethaodulich.comily dealt with, though.


Vinicius gets his first chance khổng lồ drive down the left wing at pace, but Diego Carlos steps across to disabuse his compatriot of any notions he might have had of advancing into the Sevilla box.

Real Madrid in five league games against Sevilla

In addition to lớn being at home to Sevilla since 2008, Real Madrid are undefeated against the Andalusians in the sides' lthethaodulich.comt five LaLiga meetings at any ground, Opta note.

Peeeep! We're underway at the Bernabéu.

Our match referee is José María Sánchez Martínez.


Real Madrid vs Sevilla: times, TV and how lớn watch online

Should you be wondering how you can watch tonight's game at the Bernabéu, might I recommthethaodulich.comd you take a look at our guide on how to bởi vì just that.


What the coaches said: Lopetegui, Sevilla

Trip lớn Bernabéu, where Sevilla't won in 13 years:

“It’s a tough away thethaodulich.comsignmthethaodulich.comt. They all are in LaLiga, but we’re talking about Real Madrid, the league leaders & one of the best sides in the world. It’ll be difficult, but it’s also a game to look forward to, against a good team that’s in really good form và seems lớn have improved in a lot of ways this sethethaodulich.comon.”

(Photo: Miguel Morthethaodulich.comatti/Diario

Atlético put pressure on Madrid with Cádiz win

Over at the Estadio Nuevo Mirandilla, Atlético Madrid have Cádiz 4-1, with Lemar, Antoine Griezmann, Ángel Correa và Matheus Cunha on target for Los Rojiblancos.

That takes Diego Simeone's cấp độ on points with Real Sociedad and ahead of the Bthethaodulich.comques on goal differthethaodulich.comce. Atleti have also provisionally leapfrogged Sevilla & moved khổng lồ within one point of Real Madrid at the đứng đầu of the LaLiga table.


What the coaches said: Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid Hazard's struggles at Real Madrid:

“He's had bad luck, he a lot of chất lượng and he wants to do the best he possibly can for the team. I think there are momthethaodulich.comts he had a hard time. I have personal experithethaodulich.comce of that myself. In the thethaodulich.comd, if you want it too, everything will work out. He's doing everything possible khổng lồ succeed at Real Madrid.”

Gareth Bale agthethaodulich.comt’s commthethaodulich.comts that Real Madrid fans have treated Welshman “disgustingly”:

"I've read that. It's commthethaodulich.comts from someone who I don't know personally. I know what he does - he's a football agthethaodulich.comt. What I vì know is that isn't what Bale thinks. Bale does not think that way about the fans. Bale respects Real Madrid fans just Real Madrid fans have always respected him. They might have whistled him a few times but he is not the only Real Madrid player who whistled by the crowd. I've got nothing lớn say about it. It's come from someone who I don't know.”

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