The Dota 2 Kuala Lumpur Major has just ended and although the sự kiện was done well, there were a few hiccups. We look at how the organisers addressed them.

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The Dota 2 Kuala Lumpur Major has just ended with winning the tournament, bringing home US$350,000 & 4,950 DPC Points. The whole event which was organised by PGL, eGG Network & ImbaTV was done well although there were a few hiccups. 

The biggest Dota 2 tournament held in Malaysia has just ended with much fanfare. took home page the trophy & a cash prize of US$350,000 và 4,950 DPC Points which will help them to qualify for The International 2019.

A total of 16 teams from around the world qualified for the Kuala Lumpur Major & had to battle it out for the total prize pool of US$1 million. However, for the main event in the Axiata Aremãng cầu, only 8 teams were left & had to lớn play in front of a live sầu audience.

Across the three days, the event saw over thousands of people coming to lớn Axiata Arena as this was their chance khổng lồ get a glimpse of their favourite players.

* versus Team Secret.

On the final day, the finals saw beating Team Secret in spectacular fashion in a best of 5 bout. Although the Malaysian crowd was rooting behind their homeboy MidOne from Team Secret, unfortunately they lost in the kết thúc khổng lồ better plays from

The Kuala Lumpur Major was organised by PGL, ImbaTV and Malaysian-based eGG Network. We can say that as observers & attendees, we thought that the event went well.

There were some minor issues that were also brought up on the interwebs; we figured that examining them and also how the organisers reacted to the issues would be informative sầu and help give sầu some insight on how lớn further improve sầu events like these in the future.

1. Limited F&B Options

Redditor complaining that no water is allowed.

On the first day of the sự kiện, we realised that security did not allow people khổng lồ bring water into the venue, thus most of them had khổng lồ pour it, drink it or just leave their bottles there. This normally wouldn’t have been a problem as it’s understandable that most sự kiện places get most of their profits from food và drink sales.

However, there wasn’t any way you can get water in the venue other than lining up for half an hour at Subway, as everyone has the same idea as you. Other F&B outlets were only selling soft drinks và energy drinks, if you wanted khổng lồ get drinking water, other than Subway you had khổng lồ exit the sự kiện và buy it from outside vendors.

Thankfully as media, bottled water was provided so we didn’t really have sầu an issue with this, but as part of the crowd, it would have been a pain.

Redditor saying that water is now allowed.

The organisers managed to lớn salvage the situation on the second day as they allowed bottled water khổng lồ be brought in the venue & other F&B outlets began to lớn sell bottled water too.

Another gripe I had was that food options were limited in the venue; there were probably five sầu options or so available for thousands of event-goers. We had to lớn queue up outside under the sun for food trucks as F&B outlets in the venue had long lines.

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2. Badly Timed Meet & Greet Sessions

There were plenty of activities outside the aremãng cầu such as meet & greet sessions with teams and Dota 2 personalities, competitions and many more. The problem was that all these activities happened as there were matches ongoing in the arena, so you either had to lớn choose between sitting in the arena khổng lồ watch the games or go outside & line up for the meet & greet sessions.

Prominent caster TobiWan talking about the crowd.

Lots of people complained that the crowd was lackluster as there were plenty of empty seats, but that was most likely because of the other events happening during the matches. However, I think it would have sầu been hard khổng lồ cramp all the activities & games within three days of the event.

I bởi vì agree with what Toby said that there wasn’t a full house as the first day of the event fell on a Friday và many people were probably working or in class. During the weekends, there were more people in the arena but there were still empty seats, I’d say maybe around 80% of the arena was filled up.

We have asked the organisers for numbers of event-goers but have yet to get a response.

3. Event Venue Issues

A redditors comment on seating in the aremãng cầu.

There were three types of tickets offered during the sự kiện, Ancient priced at RM180, Divine priced at RM330 và the most expensive sầu Immortal priced at RM600. With that much difference in price, one would think that they would get better benefits other than sitting positions, but they just got a goodie bag và not so great viewing positions.

We also found that the audio wasn’t the best in the arena as it was echoey và quite muffled. It was difficult khổng lồ understand what the casters were saying from our position. I’d have sầu khổng lồ say the Ancient ticket holders got the best seats as they were located at the upper ring where the screen was directly in front of their line of sight, so they didn’t have sầu any sore necks.

Moving Forward

Looking past these issues, most of them are hard lớn solve sầu as it involves the venue’s infrastructure & how it’s designed. The positive thing is that the organisers were very hands on & solved issues on the go. Take for example an issue raised where one of the merchandise sold at the KL Major apparently had a plagarised kiến thiết from a nội dung creator.

eGG Network’s reply on the issue.

eGG Network was quiông chồng lớn settle the issue and was in liên hệ with the creator immediately. All in all I’d say that the tournament was well done despite the small complaints. Based on comments posted on social truyền thông, most event-goers appeared to lớn have enjoyed themselves và will be looking forward lớn more large tournaments happening here.

A famous Dota 2 personality commenting on the crowd.

Although the arena wasn’t a full house, the cheers from the crowd made it feel as though the aremãng cầu was filled up. The organisers also seemed very concerned about feedback, & were quiông xã to lớn address many issues that had come up.

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Most of us felt that the sự kiện was a success & it’s safe lớn say that with events like these, Malaysia is well on its way khổng lồ becoming world-class in terms of being a hosting venue and player for e-sports.

Here’s a đoạn phim khổng lồ give sầu viewers a taste of of how the Kuala Lumpur Major was like:

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